Our Blueprints

The Who, What, Where, When, Why & How?

Let’s start with “THE WHY”

We believe in building a business ecosystem that provides a culture of collaboration, innovation and support.
(We do love Simon Sinek’s video “It’s starts with the Why”)

Then “THE HOW”

Providing one place for all business to attain the resources and links they require at any stage that is simple, affordable and accessible while encouraging collaboration, driving innovation and rebuilding a Canadian Business Culture.

WHERE do we do this?

We do this from our homes, our offices, our co-working spaces and from any coffee hot spot or business hub.

WHEN do we do this?

We do provide support during traditional business hours, but we understand that is not when business owners stop so we look to grow a community that we can reach out at our convenience. From the Early Bird to the Night Owl.

WHO are we?

We are “S.M.E.s” (Subject Matter Experts) We are experienced Professionals expanding from a variety of different subjects, industries and business sectors.

So, WHAT is it that we do?

We help you! What a concept!! As a business owner in the small and medium sectors, everyone wears multiple hats, we do the best with the resources we have and sometimes our wish lists fall off to the side.

  • If you have an idea and need guidance and direction in building your business plan, WE CAN HELP!
  • If you have launched your business and it is growing, WE CAN HELP build your processes, procedures and team!
  • If you need some tools after you have read 100 blogs? WE CAN HELP.
  • If you want help in exposing your business from contributing to our community and Marketing, WE CAN HELP.
  • Enough? Join the community today and become part of a movement to promote using small businesses first for the Business to Business sector.

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